"Sláinte mhaith (pronounced "slahn-che wah"), meaning good health. That is what Hamilton Health is all about."



Tara Hamilton, Irish born and bred and founder of Hamilton Health moved from Ireland to Australia and then to the UK to pursue her passion for working with children and adults, supporting them with their weight management.

Tara has always had a passion for everything health and fitness related and has always aspired to be the best at what she puts her hand to. At the young age of 7 she started training as an acrobatic gymnast, which would last for 13 years and take her to the International and European stage, where she won bronze for her country...

studies & awards - sport science

...Her love for sport is what gave Tara the drive and passion to study a Degree in Sport Science and Health at Dublin City University. However Tara doesn’t like to do things by halves. Here Tara was awarded ‘Top Sport Science student of the year’ and ‘Top research project of the year’. She also achieved the highest overall grade ever achieved in the history of Sport Science at Dublin City University...

sports nutritionist - professional aussie rules football team

...At Dublin City University Tara also won an intense round of interviews to gain a 7 month voluntary placement working as Sports Nutritionist and Sport Scientist for one of the top professional Australian Rules Football teams, Collingwood Football Club. Here Tara gained amazing experience – monitoring player’s food diaries, monitoring player’s carbohydrate and fluid intakes relative to their sporting performance, monitoring hydration status and providing players with nutrition information as to what food options best supported their performance and recovery...

studies & awards - human nutrition and sports nutrition

...Following her experience working with one of the most well renowned professional Australian Rules Football teams, Tara went on to do a Diploma in Sports Nutrition and a Masters in Human Nutrition. Once again, Tara doesn’t like to do things by halves. Tara once again walked away with two awards sponsored by ‘Kelloggs’ for her masters, ‘Outstanding student of the year’ and ‘Outstanding research project of the year’... 

nutritionist for health - child & adult weight management

...While looking for work in Australia Tara got accepted to work as a nutritionist for BeeZee Bodies Ltd., a weight management company funded by Public Health in Bedfordshire. Tara gained 4 years of amazing experience working for BeeZee Bodies Ltd. in the child and adult weight management arena. While at BeeZee Bodies Tara delivered numerous HENRY programmes – which provides information about healthy eating and physical activity guidelines for the 0-5 year olds – including first foods and finger foods, fussy eating, healthy snack and family meal ideas, portion size guidelines, and ideas around managing mealtime routines and behaviours. Tara also worked on the BeeZee Families programme, a healthy lifestyles programme for 5-15 year old children and their families, teaching them about all aspects of healthy eating (what a healthy meal should look like, portion sizes, snacks & treats…) and helping them to change their behaviours in a way that fits into their lives. Tara went on to manage BeeZee Families and also designed and delivered a specialised programme for children with autism. Finally Tara also delivered a range of adult weight management programmes – both 1:1 and group based programmes, helping people to lose as much as 6kg or 12lb (over 7% of their body weight) in just 10 weeks – but in a way that fits into their lifestyle.

sports nutritionist - former world record holder

Tara has one last claim to fame. Tara devised a nutrition plan for former world record holder James Gray. Tara devised a plan for the week leading up to and for the day of James Gray’s world record feat - a feat to continuously wakeboard for over 7 consecutive hours, which indeed he did achieve. Tara's nutrition plan as well as James Gray's world record feat were both in the BBC News.

studies - massage and reflexology

While working at BeeZee Bodies Ltd. Tara worked with a lot of children and adults. Tara learned a lot about people’s lives, people’s behaviours and how much stress can sneak into people’s day to day lives. Tara decided to return to her studies, studying a Diploma in Massage Therapy and Reflexology. With this under her belt Tara aims to take away some of the life's stresses and help people to relax and unwind in this busy world that we live in.

What can Hamilton Health do for you?

Whatever your needs – be it nutrition for health or nutrition to support your fitness or sporting capacity or if you would like to relieve some of that emotional or muscular stress through massage or reflexology, Hamilton Health is here for you.