Whether you are looking to get some support to help manage a health-related condition, whether you are looking to lean up or gain weight, whether you are looking to improve your fitness or sporting performance through nutrition or any other nutrition-related query Hamilton Health will tailor a programme specifically for your needs.

There are 3 main elements to Hamilton Health's nutrition plan:

  1. Nutrition assessment: Completion of questionnaire prior to initial consultation to assess your individual sporting, fitness or health-related needs.
  2. Initial consultation: Face to face or over the phone consultation to discuss your assessment and devise an individualised nutrition programme in consultation with you that will support your needs.
  3. Delivery of nutrition programme: The number of sessions required may vary from person to person. Your plan may be a one-off session or a longer duration nutrition plan. The duration of the plan will be dependent on your needs but will be agreed between the nutritionist and you.*
  4. Follow up support: Not essential to the plan but provided to give you extra support and motivation to help you succeed.

*Discounted rates are provided for intense nutrition plans - see information provided or contact Hamilton Health for more information.

Hamilton Health Nutrition


Initial consultation (60 mins)          £60

Follow up consultations (45 mins)  £60*

6 week package deal                        £324* 6 x 45 mins Consultations tailored to individual requirements. Provided at this 10% discounted rate if paid up front for the full 6 weeks.

Follow up support services (after completion of a Hamilton Health programme):

45 minutes (face : face)                     £60*

30 minutes (phone)                           £30*

*These prices include any preparation work required by the nutritionist in advance of the follow up consultations.





What has been most helpful is Tara's encouragement. She is always very optimistic and willing to help you with whatever you might need to help you succeed."

“My wife and I were in a bit of a stale mate with our weight loss. Tara came to us and taught us to better control our portion sizes and encouraged us to try new foods, which has opened up a whole new variety of ways to cook. We are now eating less but feeling just as full and we snack on healthier snacks now – but we do have the odd bit of chocolate as she also taught us not to deny ourselves as we deserve a treat now and then! But what has been most helpful is Tara's encouragement. She is always very optimistic and willing to help you with whatever you might need to help you succeed. In our case – it has worked! We highly recommend Tara.”

— Greg & Terilynn D.


Treat your self.

Do you have an event coming up that you would like to lean or tone up for? Have you been training for fitness or sport but not seeing the results you expected? Are you interested in just finding out about what you should be eating for your overall health and wellbeing?